about chavaleh

Chavaleh is a brand new online space and digital zine by and for young progressive jews to share creative work, learn and explore ideas, connect with community, and have fun.

It seeks to uplift and support young jewish people in all of our identities and complexities, celebrating the diversity of global jewry, challenging our preconceived notions of ourselves and each other, and feeling truly welcomed and loved as our whole selves.

Why art?

There are a multitude of amazing young Jewish artists and creators, but no easy place to find them. There are a multitude of excited people ready to support such artists, but no easy place to find them, either! This site seeks to link these groups, creating increased traffic for artists and streamlining the process for art fans to reach creators they can follow and to find beautiful Judaica.

Why now?

The emotional and spiritual tax on many young Jews of living in an increasingly fascist society is real. This is especially true for Jews of Color, Jews by Choice, LGBTQ+ Jews, and Jewish people with multiple marginalized identities. The pain and exhaustion felt by these young individuals and groups across the country and world has only been amplified by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, including a pervasive sense of isolation.

This isolation didn’t start and won’t end with the pandemic - many young Jews feel disconnected from our traditional communities and institutions, for various reasons. Social media platforms have proven themselves not to be an adequate alternative to IRL community, but we know that the Internet can facilitate and foster real, meaningful connections among people, if we are intentional about it.

As a zine created by and for contributors, Chavaleh seeks to connect people from around the world through shared values, shared interests, and the shared desire to come together in solidarity and in community.

Long story short

Young Jewish leftists need to know that we are seen, loved, and needed. We need to love ourselves and uplift each other. We are the future -- let’s get excited about it!

about the name

Pronounced: HA - vuh - luh (the "h" has a
voiceless uvular fricative, like in the words "Chanukah" and "Challah")
Yiddish, diminutive of the name Chava (Eve), which comes from the Hebrew word "Chai" (life)

The most famous Chavaleh is probably Tevye's daughter from the stories by Sholom Aleichem, and of course the show and film Fiddler on the Roof. As a character, she embodies the tension between tradition and assimilation and responsibility to one's family and to oneself.

Also - the editor's Hebrew name includes the name Chava, and her grandfather (Z"L) called her Chavaleh when she was a baby.

about the editor

Gabrielle Rubinstein is a young Jewish leftist who wants to see more light and love in the world. She recently graduated from college with a degree in Sociology & Anthropology and is trying to find a place for herself in the world of political organizing for social justice.


Thank you to the friends, family, patrons, artists, and everyone else supporting this project!